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The secret free gateway in online business that the wealthy doesn't want you to know!

Imagine a person who’s always daydreaming while at work about how he someday would own his own business and leave the nine to five work schedules.


if you've been in exactly that situation, don't worry we'll cover you!


What’s really preventing him and maybe even you! from starting his own business is few key points:

  1. The uncertainty of generating consistent income and shouldering the financial responsibilities.
  2. The fear of failure and the absence of a clear roadmap or a well-defined path to strive for.

Meet Meera Kothand

Have you ever thought of leaving your 9 to 5 job buy starting your own but still don't know how?

In my family, you went to college and then got a job. That’s what you do.

There was never any talk of “working for yourself or “wanting to ditch the 9 to 5.” That was for others.

I’m the first entrepreneur in my family and stepping into that as an introvert was hecka scary.

If someone told me 5 years ago that I’d be building an online business and helping others do the same thing, my eye roll would’ve been LOUD.

I started out with a blog and I’m proof that a small 2.99 E-book can make waves around the internet and continue to make an impact and serve your audience long after it’s launched.

To help you succeed on your journey I've put together something special.

I call it, The free online business blueprint


I am going to teach you

how to step by step earn money with simple business model,

How To Get Started As A Creator,

Find Your Niche,

Choose A Platform.

How To Make Money As A Creator,

Content Ideas

and Content Strategy

All this experiance put togheter in a blueprint for you so that YOU also can start your first content creation by next week

without spending a penny or a dime!

Here is what others say about making money with content creation

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The Lean Startup

The book that will remove your hesitancy to start a business.

I felt a little lost in where to start my business but after reading this I have a clearer picture.

— John

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Starting a business

I really like this guide,

I'm a business and management student, reading this during lockdown to help me with planning my first micro online venture, starting with minimal capital.

— Jack Wood

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The step-by-step roadmap is easy to follow and provides practical tips and expert insights to help you succeed in your affiliate marketing business. Overall, this is a must-read for anyone looking to succeed in affiliate marketing!

— Sarah Jayne Mcmahon

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The Ultimate Guide to Selling on Etsy.

I’m using the book as one of my guides to opening and running my own Etsy shop. Thank you.

— Eva

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Do It Anyway, Girl.

I truly enjoyed this book and will definitely recommend this to fellow entrepreneurs!! It really inspired me to “Do It Anyway”

— Kayla Norman

Here's Everything You Get...

Content Creation Is Passive Income

Download my quick guide in the business model of content creation that leads to passive income flow.

($150 Value)


Learn the ins and outs of how to set up great online business models in no time

($50 Value)

Get this book + 5 ways to make money online for just 7.99$ today!

My "No questions asked" Guarantee!

I know you are going to absolutely fall in love with all the value you will gain after going through my FREE ONELINE BUSINESS BLUEPRINT!

In fact, you will be thanking me over your new lifestyle.

To make it more riskfree I'll send back every penny you paid within 30 days from purchase, if you for any reason are not satisfied.

Content Creation Is Passive Income
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"Content Creation Is Passive Income" is a groundbreaking book that explores the rise of a new era in the business world: one where individuals can leverage their creativity and skills to build successful, independent careers. Written by prominent tech industry expert and entrepreneur, the book provides a comprehensive overview of the emerging "creator economy" and its impact on society and the global economy.

Through a combination of in-depth research and real-world examples, "Content Creation Is Passive Income" examines the key trends and dynamics shaping this rapidly evolving landscape. From the explosive growth of social media platforms and the democratization of content creation to the emergence of new business models and revenue streams, the book provides a detailed analysis of the forces driving this paradigm shift.

In addition to exploring the challenges and opportunities facing creators and entrepreneurs, the book also provides practical advice and insights for those looking to build their own careers in the creator economy. Drawing on Omar´s own experiences and expertise, the book offers actionable strategies for monetizing creative content, building a loyal audience, and leveraging the power of technology to achieve success.

Overall, "Content Creation Is Passive Income" is a must-read for anyone interested in the future of work, entrepreneurship, and the intersection of technology and creativity. With its compelling insights and practical advice, the book offers a roadmap for navigating the new, exciting, and ever-evolving landscape of the creator economy.

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